Mobi Special Thinner

A fast evaporating thinner gives superb flow properties to MOBI Clear Wood Lacquer and paint with nitrocellulose. It enhances gloss,surface smoothness and drying properties of Lacquer, Wood Stains and nitrocellulose base paints. Its special composition also prevents white spotting in wood lacquer.



MAIN USES:                        Special solvent for paint with nitrocellulose. It sets fast and provides the desired viscosity for easier application. It is also used for cleaning application tools and equipment.
COLOR RANGE:                  Clear / Water White
PACKING:                             3.64 Litres, 0.91 Litres

Where the painting is in progress ensure adequate ventilation. Keep the container air tight after use an d keep it away from open flame or all ignition sources during application and drying. Rinse with plenty of water in case of eye contact and seek medical advice. Do not dispose-off excess paint or paint waste into drains or watercourses disposal should be done in accordance with the environmental regulations

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