Mobi Wood Sealer

Mobi Wood Sealer is a Protective Nitrocellulose based sandi



MAIN USES:                        Diamond Ace Timberlac Sanding Sealer is recommended to use on wood and wooden products to fill the pores in order to get the better finish.
COLOR RANGE:                  Pale Yellow, Dried film transparent
COVERING CAPACITY:     13 (m2 / I / coat)
DRYING TIME:                    Temperature:  Dry to Touch:  Dry to Handle:  Recoating Time:
25°C                  20 minutes      4 hours                1 hours
35° C                 15 minutes       3 hours                40 minutes

(Depending on the Humidity & Temperature)

THINNING:                          MOBI Special Thinner 40-50%
PACKING:                             3.64 Litres, 0.91 Litres

Ensure that the surface is fully dried & free from rust,stains,grease, oil, wax, efflorescence and powdery material for the maximum adhesion. Repair all cracks, holes and other surface imperfections with a suitable patching material. Repaired surfaces should be sanded with abrasive paper followed by the removal of loose dust with solvent soaked cloth.

To achieve the desired viscosity for application,add 20-30% MOBI Special Thinner. The application of MOBI Wood Sealer is recommended for spray application through most conventional spray equipment or with conventional cloth pad called Gaddi but it is not suitable for brushing. Three coats are recommended for best results and performance. In more moisture prone areas six coats (kitchen, bathrooms, windowsills etc.)

The product must be stored in accordance to the national regulations. The product should be kept in a well-ventilated place,protected from heat and direct sunlight. The containers must be kept tightly closed.

Do not breathe vapours,use of suitable respiratory equipment is highly recommended. Where the painting is in progress ensure adequate ventilation.

Keep paint away from open flame or all ignition sources during application and drying.Keep paint container air tight after use and store in a shady & dry place. To save the unused paint for longer period of time,replace the lid firmly and invert the can for few seconds to seal the lid.

Rinse with plenty of water in case of eye contact and seek medical advice. Use MOBI Thinner or skin cleanser to remove splashes from skin.

Wash all painting equipment after us e preferably with MOBI Special Thinner. Do not dispose-off excess paint or paint waste into drains or watercourses disposal should be done in accordance with the environmental regulations.

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