Founder Message

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“In the name of ALLAH, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful”

Mobi Paints started its operation in 2003 as small scale paints manufacturer centered on quality. Since then,by the grace of Allah,we have gone from strength to strength, what was initially an intra-city venture is now one of the leading paint brand in the country that has now set success its eyes on the global frontier.

I believe that the company’s success lies in our objective to never compromise on quality. Our paints are manufactured in compliance with national and international standards by a team of worthy chemists in a world class plant. An independent quality control department further ensures that each batch that is sent to the market confronts to the strict standards we have set for ourselves.

Our Quest for quality does not stop there. Mobi Paints s R&D department also plays its hand in the continual improvement and innovation of our products,to give you the best and most enduring paint finish. In short,I am grateful to Almighty ALLAH who has bestowed me with the best professionals, and I am thankful to you,the customer,for your unwavering confidence in Mobi Paints.

Tasleem Raza
Founder of Mobi Group