Mobi Red Oxide Primer

It is an air drying anti-corrosive primer most suitable for metal surface as a base coat for air drying enamels.

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MAIN USES:                         On all interior and exterior steel surfaces to protect them against corrosive weathering conditions.
COVERING CAPACITY:     1-13 m2 / Litre per coat
DRYING TIME:                    Surface Dry: 2-3 hours, Hard Dry: 24 hours, Recoat able: 16 hours (Depending on the Humidity & Temperature)
PACKING:                             3.64 Litres, 0.91 Litre

Before application,ensure that metal surface is absolutely free form rust,grease & welding flux. Use-abrasive paper or wire brush for rubbing. Finally wipe surface with solvent soaked rag.

Use good quality white spirit to thin MOBI Red Oxide Primer,as required for brush or spray application.

Apply one coat by brush. Let it dry for 20-24 hours,wet sand it with Emery Paper No.320 and then apply the finish.

Keep the paint away from sources of ignition and avoid smoking. Where the painting is in progress ensure adequate ventilation. Do not breathe vapours,use of suitable respiratory equipment is highly recommended.
Keep paint container air tight after use and store in a shady & dry place. To save the unused paint for longer period of time,replace the lid firmly and invert the can for few seconds to se al the lid. It will help to prevent skinning. Rinse with plenty of water in case of eye contact and seek medical advice. Use white spirit, turpentine oil or skin cleanser to remove splashes from skin.
Scrape excess paint out of brushes and rollers before cleaning. Wash all equipment immediately after use with white spirit or turpentine oil. Shake excess liquid out after washing and then wrap them in a piece of clean cloth. Doing so will revive your brushes back to original. Do not dispose-off excess paint or paint waste into drains or watercourses disposal should be done in accordance with the environmental regulations.

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