Mobi Texture Finish

Its attractive looks and the wide range of design possibilities it offers,has made MOBI Texture Finish an ideal choice for those who can appreciate the aesthetic finishes Delightful matt appearance combined with plastic emulsion colour range makes it an ideal choice for those who look for the best.



MAIN USES:                        To provide texture looks on interior masonry surfaces including plaster,concrete,cement, plywood, clipboards,wallboard and brick work.

COMPOSITION:                   Blend of acrylic and extenders 70 % 2 +

VOLUME SOLIDS:                  70% 2+-
COVERING CAPACITY:     5 – 6 m2 / litre per coat.
DRYING TIME:                    Surface Dry: 12 hours, Hard Dry: Over Night (depending on the humidity and temperature)
PACKING:                             14.56 Liters, 3.64 Liters

NEW SURFACE: Rub new surface with grinding stone or sand paper and remove all the dust with water soaked cloth. Please ensure that surface is dry and free from powdery material. Now apply one coat of MOBI Acrylic Primer and allow the primer to dry hard overnight. Finally, sand the surface and apply MOBI Texture Finish.

OLD SURFACE: MOBI Texture Finish can be applied direct after normal cleaning,if the existing paint is sound. In case,old paint is cracking or flaking remove the defective material by scraping. Dust off surface and apply one coat of MOBI Acrylic Primer before applying Texture Finish. We recommend one coat of MOBI Matt Finish White as an alternative to MOBI Acrylic Primer.

Keep paint container air tight after use and store in a shady & dry place. The unused paint can be saved for longer period by replacing lid firmly and inverting the can for few seconds to seal the lid. Scrape excess paint out of rollers before cleaning. Wash all equipment immediately after use with clean water or a mild detergent solution. Shake excess water out then wrap them in a piece of clean cloth. Doing so will revive your brushes back to original. Dont dispose-off excess paint into drains or watercourses,disposal should be done in accordance with the environmental regulations. If paint spills on to your body or in your eyes,wash thoroughly with clean water.

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