Mobi Matt Finish (Oil Based)



MAIN USES:                         Specially designed for kitchens,bathrooms,staircase walls and corridors. Also suitable for interior and exterior wood,metal and masonry work.
COLOR RANGE:                  Please refer to standard Color Card.
COVERING CAPACITY:     10 – 12m2 / Litre per coat (Depending on Surface)
NUMBER OF COATS:         Two or Three
DRYING TIME:                    Surface Dry: 3hours, Hard Dry: 24hours, Recoat able: 12-18hours (Depending on the humidity and temperature)
PACKING:                             3.64 Litres, 0.91 Litre

Preparation of the surface is the most important step in painting and greatly affects the life and appearance of paint. MOBI Matt Finish should be applied following the priming. For smoothing out rough surfaces or where surfaces color has changed appreciably, use of undercoat is recommended. For maximum durability, apply Mobi Matt Finish directly to primer. Previously unpainted surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned before painting. Rust, Mill Scale, Oil, Dust and Grease may be removed by wire brushing, abrasive paper or white spirit. Old work,in a bad condition (blistered, flaked, caracked, or powdery ) must be burnt off or stripped with paint remover. After cleaning apply one coat of MOBI Undercoat and on its drying apply tow coats of MOBI Matt Finish. For wood all knots and resinous patches should be treated.

It is often necessary to apply an appropriate “primer” as first coat. All primers should be applied by brush for building surfaces,since spray applied primers do not penetrate or stick to rough or porous surfaces well. Priming coats must be left overnight for hard drying under normal weather conditions. For priming, appropriate MOBI undercoat & Mobi Exterior Primer are available for each type of surface.

Please stir thoroughly before applying to ensure even pigmentation. Thin it down with good quality white spirit to desired application viscosity for brushing & spray. Apply two coats of MOBI Matt Finish for best results. Between coats allow 12 to 18 hours under normal weather conditions.

Keep the paint away from sources of ignition and avoid smoking. Where the painting is in progress ensure adequate ventilation. Do not breathe vapours,use of suitable respiratory equipment is highly recommended. Keep paint container air tight after use and store in a shady & dry place. To save the unused paint for longer period of time,replace the lid firmly and invert the can for few seconds to seal the lid. It will help to prevent skinning. Rinse with plenty of water in case of eye contact and seek medical advice. Use white spirit,turpentine oil or skin cleanser to remove splashes from skin. Scrape excess paint out of brushes and rollers before cleaning. Wash all equi pment immediately after use with white spirit or turpentine oil. Shake excess liquid out after washing and then wrap them in a piece of clean cloth. Doing so will revive your brushes back to original. Do not dispose-off excess paint or paint waste into drains or watercourses, disposal should be done in accordance with the environmental regulations.

Shade Card

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Gobis Color Collection

Cockleshell (832)

Reflection (831)

White Ice (830)

Orchid Shadow (829)

Ash White (828)

Classic Blue (827)

Snow Mountain (826)

Charisma (825)

Mobi Blue (824)

Jade (823)

Lime (822)

Grape Wine (821)

Passion (820)

Sheesham (819)

Pink Velvet (818)

Opal Lilac (817)

Carnival Pink (816)

Moon Flower (815)

Rose Pink (814)

Shingle (813)

Rose Lemon (812)

Utopia (811)

Abbey Cream (810)

Daisy Chain (809)

Pumpkin (808)

Orange (807)

Apricot (806)

Peach (805)

Peach Silk (804)

Rose White (803)

Kitten White (802)

Off White (801)