Mobi Stain Remover

MOBI WATER MATT FINISH promotes a healthy living lifestyle which is absolute odourless and matches your pleasing living standard.



MOBI STAIN REMOVER is an elegant super quality water based matt emulsion, inodorous, scentless and LOW VOC interior premium paint. It is specially developed and prepared to repel all types of water based stains like coffee, tea, ink and iuices etc. All stubborn stains can be easily wiped off without fading the paint color.

It is highly recommended and suitable for all interior masonry surfaces including wallboard, plaster cement renderings and brick works etc.

MOBI STAIN REMOVER gives a luxurious matt finish which is ultra smooth and non-reflective.


  1. Highly Washable and Durable
  2. Highly Stain Resistance
  3. Pearl Glow Finish
  4. Anti Fungal / Alkali

Shade Card

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Gobis Color Collection

Plum (1228)

Chilli Red (1227)

Title Red (1226)

Yellow (1225)

Sky Blue (1224)

Night Blue (1223)

Cranival Pink (1222)

Copper (1221)

Peach Goddess (1220)

Freah Green (1219)

Light Violet (1218)

Orange (1217)

Sky Grey (1216)

Icebreg (1215)

Garden Rose (1214)

Cameo (1213)

Light Pink (1212)

Chocolate (1211)

Fret Work (1210)

Beige (1209)

Cockleshell (1208)

Ivory Silk (1207)

Kitten White (1206)

Ash White (1205)

Fawn (1204)

Cream (1203)

Off White (1202)

Platinum White (1201)