Paint Remover Can

Mobi Paint Remover

Mobi Paint Remover is premium quality paint remover which can be used on all kind of surfaces such as acrylics, varnishes. enamels, autopaints and NC Coatings.



Shake well before use. Open container slowly to release pressure. Pour small amount of the Mobi Paint Remover into glass or metal can. Using a disposable paintbrush, apply the Mobi Paint Remover to the metal, once paint start bubbling up from the surface of the metal after sometime use steel scraper to remove the softened paint section. Finish the job by wiping of the section with a soft cloth dipped in clean mineral spirit.
After use, close the container tightly and keep it away from children. Use safety goggles and gloves while using paint remover. In case of eye and skin contact rinse with clean water and seek medical advice. Proper ventilation required during application. Transport the container carefully and keep the container upright. Protect from heat and fire. Store in cool and dry place, protect from freezing. In case of fire use foam, dry powder and CO2 fire extinguisher. Keep away from source of ignition. In case of accident, collect spillage using sand or clay and dispose of paint remover waste in accordance with appropriate environmental laws.

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