Water Based Fine Filler

Mobi Water Based Fine Filler

MOBI ALL PURPOSE SYNTHETIC ENAMEL is high quality synthetic enamel that has no comparison because of its long lasting finish and durability. It is suitable for all types of interior & exterior, wood & metal surfaces.


DRYING TIME: 12 hours Between Coats
COVERAGE: 14, 17 M / litre per coat.
APPLICATION: Filler Applicator
THINNER: White Sprit
NO. OF COATS: 20 – 25%
APPLICATION: Brush / Roller / Spray Gun
CLEANING: Clean all equipment with Turpentine

NEW SURFACES: The surface must be clean, dry and free from efflorescent salts. Prime with Mobi Primer. Fill the surface with 4 parts of chalk, 1 part of lithopone, and an appropriate amount of Mobi Primer. Let the filler getting dry overnight.
FOR PRINTED SURFACE: Clean the surface properly and remove poorly adhering material by rubbing down using a sand paper and dust off. Support prime and fill the surface as mentioned above. and allow to dry for at least 16 hours. After surface preparation, apply 2-3 coats of Mobi All Purpose Synthetic Enamel.

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