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Mobi Care Putty

Mobi Care Putty is designed to fight out alkali moisture problems present in new or old masonry surfaces. The tough and flexible film of the binder discourages the penetration of moisture and salt, thus providing maximum protection to Special Plastic Emulsion and Super Emulsions applied subsequently.


MAIN USES:                         Used as a filling coat on walls,ceilings and all other masonry surfaces before applying MOBI Plastic Emulsion, Weather Safe or Super Emulsion.
COVERING CAPACITY:     5-6 m2 / Kg per application.
DRYING TIME:                   Surface Dry: 12 hours, Hard Dry: 24 hours,  Recoat able: 18 hours
PACKING:                             20kg, 5kg

Ensure that the surface is fully dry & free from powdery material for maximum adhesion. This can be achieved by rubbing with abrasive paper followed by the removal of loose dust with solvent soaked cloth. When completely dry apply one coat of MOBI Wall Sealer and let it dry for 24 hours. It will completely fill all the pours and holes in the surface and will make it non-permeable for moisture thereby helps in achieving better coverage and surface finishing.

Apply MOBI Care Putty with scraper. Apply 2-3 coats as required and let it dry for 8 hours. Once dried apply MOBI Special Plastic Emulsion,MOBI Weather safe, or MOBI Super Emulsion. Please note that use of Filler on the Exterior surface is not recommended use Plaster/ Cement mix for removing surface defects.

Keep paint container air tight after us e and store in a shady & dry place. Rinse with plenty of water in case of eye contact and seek medical advice. Use skin cleanser to remove splashes from skin. Scrape excess paint out of brushes and rollers before cleaning. Wash all equipment immediately after use water. Do not dispose-off excess paint or paint waste into drains or watercourses disposal should be done in accordance with the environmental regulations.

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