What is the standing of our nikah? Can we need to take halala?

i marry one to lady that is young up coming me as well as my second ily. then i do nikah along with her and publish her abroad for further education. over time she associated with some people and ask me to marry which have him basically leftover her, we offered one to talak in order to the lady . once other times she once more dispute and not operating well then we gave the lady next and you will 3rd talak . This package/2/step three talak perioud are close-by 7 to 10 months maximum. I am talking about just after my personal Inmate dating sites that talak in 10 weeks i take advantage of second and you will third talak.

Next she realized and you will returned for me . Within a beneficial 20 dayas of talak offered. And right up until now she is sticking with myself and live with myself . We sex B4 complite her iddah . And you may right until today we’re life style for example husband and wife . My personal counfusion so is this that is my personal nikah countineu just after step one..dos. 3 talak provided by me personally and we also sex b4 iddah. Or i performed haram ? Or i need to re also wed the woman ? Could it possibly be permissable so you’re able to lso are wed the woman individually having new nikah having new mahar. Or we have fun with halala ? ( form she need certainly to marry someone else whenever that people offer her talak and you may she complet her iddah after that simply i could what is the kaffara . Plz posting myself d complete answer of my personal Qus .

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Guarantee you are reading this that have complete consent as well as establish mind. Do not atleast make fun of Islam, I am almost sure if there’s various other items on the economic lifestyle you decide to go ahead and inquire people thousand times.

Okay, going back on the procedure,. As per its since it seems like how you are outlining talaq is performed. But, as well as Iam undecided delight ask this having best imam otherwise mufti otherwise Authentic beginner.


What i’m saying is, just how challenge you only delivering this topic very lightly , the reasons why you don’t query in the beginning when you have gave most of the about three talaq.

Atleast for now , usually do not do sex or never go alongside your spouse , just query mufti first, identify your your position .

And also as far Halala means your spouse should wed another kid , hence guy is sexual with her sexually, have intercourse together with her that is the issue immediately after which immediately after wards when the the guy desires then he can also be separated their. Now, here you simply can’t push your provide the lady talaq.. It may sound comedy, you simply cannot push his spouse to offer this lady talaq.

Your position appears really tricky. In my opinion you should consult a scholar, in order that any kind of thing to do you’re taking are halal.

Check out regarding my thoughts on the issue. Take note that we are not a college student. If i was wrong, I pray that somebody often right me personally inshaAllah hence Allah commonly forgive me personally.

3) A good revocable separation and divorce is when one says a definite pronouncement away from divorce or separation (instance. an individual talaq) – in cases like this, the couple normally reconcile in iddah several months with no need to own another type of nikah. Should your iddah months is performed instead of reconciliation, the happy couple can also be get together again afterwards however, will demand a good this new nikah.

4)An enthusiastic irrevocable separation – talaq-e-ba’in – happens in enough activities, however in the brand new perspective of one divorcing his partner, it occurs as he says he gets the lady talaq-e-ba’in (particularly saying that the divorce proceedings is actually irrevocable) or if perhaps the text he uses try unsure (instance. “I am carried out with your”) – in this situation, if your pair prefer to get together again, they need a separate nikah.

5) In the event that talaq has been provided with the 3 independent circumstances, then your son and lady are no offered permitted to reconcile, except if this lady keeps, out-of her own choice, hitched several other child, consummated one relationships, hence matchmaking has arrived so you can an-end. In this instance, an alternate nikah will be needed in buy so that they can feel married.

6) The technique of halala isn’t in line with Islamic viewpoints. Essentially, what is happening here, is that a woman is put in times in which she has to wed, sleep that have after which get divorced out-of, several other son. and often money transfers hand. This kind of behavior can truly add toward exploitation and you will oppression of females, and we also must not do it.

7) In my opinion that, on your own state, another and you can 3rd talaqs are likely good (while you resigned among each one). In that case, who signify you’re no longer allowed to reconcile since husband and wife.

I do believe that you need to discuss your position having an university student, plus the brand new meantime, you both will be observe compatible Islamic limits having non-mahrams. It could be one everything is okay, but something may possibly not be, of course you are looking at risking transgressing Allah’s constraints, it’s definitely better as safer than disappointed.

It sounds particularly two of you are making errors, and require to take into account exactly what has had your here. You could find they useful to discover all of our blogs regarding the tawbah and you can repentance, inshaAllah.