Mobi Roof Coat



MOBI Roof Coat is a specially Elastomeric Emulsion, highly durable, thick and water proof coating which is use for the protection of roof. It fills bridge hairline cracks and forms a seamless layer with excellent bonding properties.
This product provides outstanding weather ability, as well as exceptional protection from degradation caused by ultraviolet exposure.


Pack Viscosity 4-6 Poise @ 25 °C
Specific Gravity 1.14 ~ 1.16
pH 8.0 ~ 9.0
Drying Time 08 ~ 12 Hours (Depends on Temperature and Humidity)
Coverage 6 ~ 8 m2/L/Coat
Number of Coats 03 ~ 04
Solvent/Cleaner Water


Surface must be free from dust, dirt, grease, oil, heavy shoot, chalk, etc. Remove all Old, flaking, loose paint to avoid adhesion problem.

  • After Plastering, allow the surface to dry for minimum 12~15 weeks. Moisture contents must not exceed 15% in the plaster before application.
  • Wash the whole surface with strong solution & rinse with high pressure water blast, allow drying.
  • Mildew must be removing by washing with a solution of 1Q household bleach and 3Q warm water.
  • After the wall is dry, apply one thin coat of MOBI Roof Coat allow dry for 04 ~ 06 Hours.
  • Apply 2-3 coats of Mobi Roof Coat with recommended intervals of time
  • Apply “Thick Coats” to get 1-2 mm Dry Film Thickness.


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